If Joseph Smith revealed the most correct book on Earth, why would it need to be changed?

Please join the discussion in the comments section of each chapter. Learn more about the significance of these edits, and possible source texts on the “About” page.

What do the colors mean?


  1. Merlin Hansen

    Very impressive effort, Dan. Will this remain on line, or do we need to download or buy to have it for future access/study?
    >The correlations are so complete that I will certainly not have the time or energy to consider each one, but they are interesting to scan over and look at a few.
    >I have a reasonably large screen, so could easily read the text if it were displayed in a full page (of the BofM pages) or as two pages side by side.
    Keep up the good work. Does your copyright prevent us from downloading, or just from sharing or selling?

    • Dan Wees

      Thank you, Merlin. I intend to keep the information on this site. That may change, as the digital rights may go to the publisher. Dunno. Feel free to use the information however you like.

      Because I’ve been pushing hard to get hard-bound copies available, the web-site has been neglected. As such, it’s been about 6 months since I’ve updated the files here, and there have been several corrections made. Your best bet for easy reference and accuracy is to buy the book, if you can manage the funds.

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